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Post by Guest on Fri Jun 18, 2010 9:54 am

Hello everyone! ^^

so im Drachen you're buddy from the clan and thenoob from it! ^^ i want to do a lil memo trough all my life time in TNR so we can share old times and new times and also know a lil bit more of me.! ^^

so i start TNR one day i found it when i was reading naruto and bleach manga.. so i decide to check it out. i take glacier has my home town and it was a nice day in january of 2009 i was a lil AS very very lost and with no clue of what to do...so i went to manual read it cuz panama and quinton attack me nonestopeable saying that i have to read it before asking noob question i read it and i realize a lot of things and came to understand a lil more the game... those days were the days when gladehh was a lil punk! ^^ and those were the days of the FAMOUS OLD FORMULA.

the time pass and i went genin i ask for a sensei in tavy and heresy came and told me i would be you're sensei but stop saying me sir.. im a she not a he... so i went lol that time..poor heresy! ^^ after that i start my training and went from genin directly to SJ... but that acc my first ever acc was a fail i didn't like it so i make xdrachenx who's sensei was a cooky S.E.N member.. he tough me or he say he tough me something but he was always speaiking of how S.E.N was so great.. well for me it was another failure of chat with it, he was Dakeebal. after a few months i went chuunin and there start my adventure! ^^ meeting gladeh! ^^ a lil chuunin way to weak but a lil punk but always very charismatic and i watch our leader Otoko who was always arguing with mods or with ubers.. thoose days tavy was full of ubers always active and making a fun thing to be a glacerian.

One day oto come to me and say why don't i join FS.. and i start thinking it.. so i decide to join and then on june 28 i start to be part of FS and im proud of it.

New Formula came and i went so down emotional and with the new formula not knowing how to train i stop playing until december when oto make me rejoin TNR and to start again! ^^ but this time with all of you MY FIRENDS!!!!

Been a FS member is more then be a part of a game is like been in a family if it wasn't from you guys i would probably quit long time ago! all of you make my days funny and because of that and because i believe in all of us i want to make FS the best place the best clan and the best FAMILY ever!!!! cheers

Drachen Memos. did on june 17, 2010


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Post by Akasuke on Fri Jun 18, 2010 10:03 am

cool drachy, feels the same for me too, FS makes me feels like a big family Very Happy

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